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Aluminum Window to Vinyl Windows — It's a Material World

As important as it is to get replacement windows in the right style for your home, it's just as important that you choose the right material for your home's replacement windows.

Here is a brief description of the most popular options for window replacement:

Aluminum Window Replacements
They won't rust and you don't have to paint them because they come with a selection of baked-on finishes. An aluminum window is not as energy-
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efficient as other materials; however, they are the strongest and most durable window replacement material.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows
Great for energy efficiency. Fiberglass is so strong that manufacturers can fill the hollows of the window with insulation instead of stiffeners, which vinyl replacement windows need. You can also paint fiberglass. Fiberglass windows tend to cost more than windows of the same style but made with different material.

Vinyl Replacement Windows
These are bulkier because vinyl is not strong enough to be made really thin. The PVC gives vinyl windows a plastic look, and you can't paint vinyl windows. However, they are inexpensive, very durable, very energy efficient, need little maintenance, and they come in a variety of colors.

Wood Replacement Windows
Wood can be painted, stained, and is easy to work with. It's strong and can provide your home with some really elegant design details. Few materials are better insulators than wood; however wood windows do require regular maintenance.

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