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Windows Replacement "Do It Yourself" Disadvantages

Professional window installers make the windows replacement process look easy. Unfortunately, it's not. Trained window installers are well-practiced in all of the details and methods of windows replacement, and have already completed hundreds of hours doing windows replacement.

There's a strong chance of damaging your home if you try window replacement yourself. From inside your home you will have to use a utility knife to cut the paint and caulk between the narrow strip of molding and the window casing. Error here can cause damage that your new window trim won't cover.
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Also, any error in the caulking or the application of aluminum weather-proofing tape on the sill and sides may invite water damage, which would negate all of your effort.

A local, certified window replacement installer can ensure that your window replacement projects don't become a bigger headache down the road.

Old windows are the source of heat loss in the winter and air conditioning loss in the summer. Inefficient windows may be costing you hundreds of dollars in heat or air conditioning a year. Improve your home's energy efficiency today.

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Window Replacement by a Trained Installer Is Faster!

Getting your windows replaced by a professional window installer is speedy and efficient. Your window replacement project can be finished in a day or two. That's because a trained installer won't lose time getting the necessary tools, fixing mistakes, and they're quick due to experience.
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Buy Window Replacements and Get an Energy Efficient House

Replacement windows and doors can make your windows 35% more energy-efficient in winter and 41% more efficient in summer. That means they can reduce your energy bills by about 25% in the summer and 10% in the winter.

When you buy window replacements, you are improving your home's energy efficiency, while making an investment in the long-term value of your property.

How Replacement Windows are installed in 5 easy steps.