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Energy Saving Starts with Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is the key to energy saving. It comes in three types: spring-type, pliable gasket, and compressible felt strips, depending on what type of window you choose.

Spring-type weatherstripping is made from aluminum, bronze, vinyl, or stainless steel. These V-shaped strips are most suitable for double-hung windows.

Pliable-gasket weatherstripping is made of a springy material such as foam, vinyl, sponge, or felt. It is most effective for casement windows.
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Compressible felt strips are the least durable. They are best used only for warped windows.

Professional replacement window craftsmen install the right weatherstripping for your windows and home situation.

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The Benefit of Replacement Windows Is Energy Efficiency

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Inefficient windows may be costing you hundreds of dollars in heat or air conditioning a year. Improve your home's energy efficiency today and cut your energy bills! That's like putting hundreds of dollars back into your pocket.

Here are some other benefits of replacement windows:
       • Replacement window are better at muffling the sound from the outside, making your home more
       • New, clean glass lets more light in, giving your home more life.
       • These windows last a lifetime. By fixing your window problem now you save yourself from a lot of
         work and frustration down the road.

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